Champion GSE: A New Brand Identity

In the Champion Company’s 136-year history, it has produced a diversified group of entities with broad expertise — from chemical mixing/compounding and metal fabrication to advanced machining and painting. Sixty years ago, our special products division took flight when it was tasked by the United States government to make hermetically sealed shipping containers to be used in World War II.

The special products division has since grown and now focuses solely on engineering and designing engine stands, engine containers and affiliated ground support equipment for aviation, military, power generation and space programs. Today, with our expanding customer base and increased emphasis on established markets, we realized that “special products division” didn’t accurately reflect our mission.

With that in mind, we recently set out to rebrand our division and create a new product brand that better represents our current capabilities and supports our future potential. First, we renamed “special products division” to “Champion GSE” to speak directly to the ground support equipment professionals we serve, while preserving the Champion name and the tradition of excellence the company has established. Secondly, we wanted our products to be known for the optimal protection they provide in the maintenance and transport of our customers’ critical equipment. To convey this level of security, we chose “Stronghold” as the brand name for our product lines. Whether it’s an engine stand, engine container, or any other affiliated ground support equipment, the Stronghold name delivers with it a promise of excellence, reliability and durability.

We realize that our existing customers already know us for these characteristics, and to them we hope our rebranding efforts will only reinforce our commitment to their ongoing success. The truth is, we’re not carving out a new space in the market or repositioning ourselves. Rather, we’re building on our strengths and our legacy, and staking a claim to the proven products and services we’ve already established. Champion GSE and our new Stronghold line products are committed to doing what we’ve always done — bringing innovative engine stands and containers to the industries that need them most.

I’m excited about our rebranding effort and what it means to our ability to better communicate with our expanding customer base. As our engineers continue to place an increased emphasis on higher personnel safety, security for the transported product, and enhanced usability in the field, we’ll soon be launching a new product that will demonstrate some of our recent innovations in these areas. Look for the Stronghold brand as the symbol for durable engine stands and containers with the most advanced usability features available today.