Champion GSE, Supplying Military Since 1954

Industry Spotlight: Military Containers

Since this is the first blog in a series that will highlight one of our served industries, there’s really no better place to start than with the industry responsible for launching our container product focus. For 60 years, Champion GSE has been providing the U.S. military with durable containers for everything from basic equipment to sensitive ordnances. Let’s take a look at what makes military container requirements unique:

Highly customized — because each branch of the military has unique requirements, there are hundreds of containers in use at any given time, in various shapes, sizes and quantities. Our ability to produce these custom containers in large or small amounts, using a variety of materials, delivered on time and on budget is how we’ve established and maintained prime contractor status with our military customers.

MIL spec design drawings — many military containers and engine stands must be produced according to the exact instructions provided in their MIL spec design drawings. Everything from construction materials, paint requirements (e.g., low VOC), anti-shock and anti-vibration provisions are spelled out in the drawings, and must be carried out precisely in the manufacturing process.

Durability —nothing is more important than durability to our military customers. Many military containers are used for the life cycle of the ordnance or equipment they protect, and it’s not unusual for a container to be in use for up to 15 years. Hermetic seals must remain air-tight and water-tight, and the anti-shock and anti-vibrations systems must perform flawlessly throughout each container’s life cycle.

Of course these are not the only requirements our military customers request; they are just among the most critical. Other common requests include container windows to allow for content inspection and availability of spare parts inventories. At the end of the day, our military customers require a history of reliable product performance, on-time deliveries and the stability of a dependable partnership — all reasons why Champion GSE has been supporting our military since 1954.