Gearing up for the Second Half of 2014

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2014. With summer vacation season in full swing, I recently paused to take a look back on what we’ve already accomplished this year: rebranding Champion GSE, launching the Stronghold product line, getting approval to produce items made under license from GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, USA, and introducing the industry’s first dual-platform rollover turbojet engine stand, just to name a few. But, with everything we’re planning for the second half of the year, we don’t have time to rest on our laurels. Here are just a few of the customer-focused initiatives we’re queuing up for quarters three and four:

On-site, live load testing — to minimize the expense and guesswork of live load testing, we’ve invested in a 747 fuselage to simulate the loading of rollover stands (and other tools that require live engine loading) equipped with turbojet engines into the belly of an aircraft. This will eliminate the cost and scheduling dilemma when performing this task live on the tarmac — something that is traditionally problematic. Look for this in Q3.

Improved fast-drying, anti-corrosive paint — we’re improving our paint chemistry to shorten product delivery times and enhance paint performance. The new paint dries in hours instead of days, provides advanced corrosion resistance and looks great. This paint is available to our customers now.

Non-slip surface technology — we’ve partnered with a leader in non-slip, industrial coatings to provide safe working surfaces in a variety of environments. This option will be available in our stands and containers in the coming months.

New small aircraft engine stand — this month, we are launching a small engine stand that addresses the needs of our general aviation industry partners (MROs, FBOs and OEMs). The stand is ideal for overhauling life-limited, four- and six-cylinder engines up to 600 pounds.

New distribution partner — we recently entered into a partnership with Singapore Aerospace and Aviation Services PTE LTD to expand our distribution network. Initially, they will be offering our GEnx 1B/2B dual-purpose stands as well as the individual GEnx 1B and 2B stands, but the product line could eventually expand to other ground support equipment.

All of these initiatives are based on our commitment to bringing product, service and testing innovations to the market and our customers. Look for more information on these offerings as they become available, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.