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Airline Execs Say Continuity and Communication Are the Keys to Success

I recently read a commercial aviation industry article that confirmed a philosophy that Champion GSE has long adopted to better serve our customers. The article, a follow up to Aviation Week’s MRO America’s Conference, was a commentary on what airline executives look for in an MRO supplier. After asking the executives in attendance what they wanted from their maintenance service providers, the author reported that the most common response was: “a true partner” — especially one who has a common corporate vision with the airline.

In fact, one airline executive went as far as to state: “If we call you a vendor, you’re probably on your way out.” But, why is the need to establish a trusted partnership with MROs so important? In a word: continuity. Continuity ensures that ground support operations maintain the airline’s objective to safely and reliably deliver passengers to their destination, every day. Continuity means that MROs are in constant communication with airlines and that any issues related to maintenance activities are clearly discussed so that there are no surprises from the FAA. And, continuity establishes a legacy structure of support within the airline, which prefers long-term MRO relationships and true thought partners who understand the airline’s operations at the shop level.

At Champion GSE, we understand the degree of continuity that’s required in commercial aviation as well as the other industries we support. We see ourselves as thought partners to MROs, OEMs and organizations seeking to streamline maintenance operations, improve crew safety, and introduce innovations that offer unsurpassed engine stand and container functionality. Not only do our MRO partners utilize our innovative engine stands in the field, they also benefit from our spare parts inventory and support programs.

As the executives revealed in the Aviation Week article, communication between the airline and the MRO partner is the key to establishing a partnership. We couldn’t agree more. Champion GSE’s customers are accustomed to this open communication, from the design and consultation phase to testing and field deployment. We know that the only way to deliver products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations is to involve them in every step of the process.