Headache-Free Shipping When Equipment Rides Onboard With Engine

When you lease multimillion-dollar equipment, it’s imperative that it’s up and running as soon as possible. There’s obviously downtime associated with the transport of ground support equipment, but additional downtime due to missing parts is an unacceptable headache.

Yet, at a recent conference, we heard about a customer who experienced just such a headache. He signed off on the delivery of a new multi-million aircraft engine, but he couldn’t immediately put it into service because the shipping container holding the removed engine hardware didn’t arrive with it. For every day the equipment was MIA, he lost significant amounts of revenue.

To us, this scenario is unacceptable. Why should any client have to wait because their hardware fails to arrive on time?

With our GEnx-1B/2B rollover aircraft engine stand, they no longer have to. The hardware rides onboard the engine shipping container base so they always arrive together — problem solved.

We could’ve stopped there, but we didn’t, because we know your potential for headaches doesn’t end with the arrival of the engine. Even after arrival, ground support crews still face safety concerns during the engine’s transport and installation. So we added hydraulically actuated casters that deploy the stand’s legs, eliminating manual operation. The legs then retract into the engine stand for shipping.

Then we went one step further. We added a universal mounting yoke that rotates 180 degrees and adjusts in length to fit either the 1B or 2B engine. And we added hydraulic controls that activate to extend the cylinder and roll the engine.

With innovation, safety and utility, our GEnx-1B/2B rollover engine stand is a triple threat to the typical headaches that accompany the delivery, service, transport and maintenance of your aircraft engine.