Innovation Protects Engines and Crews

Transporting, maintaining and installing large aircraft engines is a difficult and risky business for both the equipment and the ground support crews—from lost hardware to risks of damage to the engine or injuries to workers. Safety issues aren’t always a primary concern for the shipping container manufacturer—but they should be.

At Champion GSE, we’ve spent a fair amount of time incorporating commonplace technologies in innovative ways to make our containers and stands safer and easier to use, such as:

  1. Rotating mounts for the turbine rear support ring in our GEnx-1B/2B stand that allow it to rotate 180 degrees. This capability allows the stand to hold either of the two aircraft engines with just a few simple modifications.
  2. Compressors that power on-board shock isolation systems. Typically used to convert power into energy for refrigeration, air pumps and more, these built-in compressors inflate the airbags in our air-ride container, eliminating damage to the engine and mitigating the need for add-on equipment.
  3. Hydraulics that automatically deploy casters, extend cylinders and roll the engine so crews don’t have to manually operate equipment during the transport and installation of engines. With manually operated stands, crews risk pinched/sliced fingers, crushed toes and more, even when they fully follow safety procedures. With the addition of this technology to our GEnx-1B/2B stand, we virtually eliminate those risks and make the stand much easier (and safer) to operate and use.

These technologies and mechanisms have been around for decades and are found in many of the things we use every day. The real innovation is in how we applied them.

When we talk to potential customers, the same question comes up: why choose Champion? Our answer: Innovation, safety and utility. We employ innovative processes or technology to make our products easier to use and safer for our customers’ engines and employees.