Introducing the Industry’s First Dual-Purpose Engine Stand

It’s a big week for the engineering team here at Champion GSE. Years of design and manufacturing preparation, countless hours of poring over customer requirements and many late nights of brainstorming have culminated into one thing — the launch of the industry’s first dual-purpose rollover engine stand. And, to be honest, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing the GEnx 1B-2B to the market.

As a dual-purpose stand, the GEnx 1B-2B combines both engine requirements into a single stand and simplifies asset management for ground support/maintenance crews. This is a true breakthrough in an industry that’s accustomed to using a separate stand for each engine platform. By making only a few simple modifications to the stand, crews will be able to easily switch between engine platforms while still in the field. Our strongback mounting ring rotates 180 degrees to fit the engine type and adjusts to the length of each engine. And, we’ve consolidated GE’s banana bracket into a universal design.

But dual-purpose utility is only half of the story; we’re as excited about the many innovations we’ve built into the new engine stand that raise the bar in safety and ease-of-use. Many of the stand’s safety features were engineered to automate manual tasks, including on-board controls for hydraulic deployment of casters and the shock isolation mount. This eliminates manual operation of the short jacking legs that are typically used, reducing the manpower required to deploy the stand. And, the casters and mount neatly retract into the stand for easy stowage. In fact, all parts and components are stored on-board the engine stand, eliminating the need for separate containers.

These are just a few of the many features and innovations we’ve built into our newest engine stand. As our customers begin to deploy our new dual-purpose stand in the field, we’re confident they will find it safer and easier to use. We feel that the commercial aerospace industry will be moving toward a more universal approach to engine stands in the future, and we’re committed to staying at the forefront of this movement.