MRO Americas Recap: Companies Roll Into Booth to See GEnx Rollover Stands

It just doesn’t hurt to have a conference in Miami in April. We were excited to attend MRO Americas this year not only for the unbeatable weather after this long, cold winter, but also to continue to build awareness about one of our hottest products. We talked to quite a few existing customers and several potential ones, and one thing they all had in common was their interest in our GEnx-1B/2B rollover engine stands. We’re often thought of as a container company, but this year, we’re really promoting our rollover stands and how easy they are to maneuver.

We put a scaled model right in our booth so we could demo the stand. Visitors got to see how the hydraulically actuated casters and shock isolation mounts minimize pinch points and maximize usability. The stand incorporates common attributes of both engines, so crews can switch between platforms with just a few simple modifications. Visitors were impressed by not only its ease of use but how we still incorporated our standard of durability customers have come to expect from our products.

Coming out of the conference, we’re looking to maintain the momentum that’s gotten 2015 off to a great start. We’re currently in the discussion phase with a few new customers who are interested in stands for both the aerospace and power generation markets.