New Small Engine Stand Demonstrates Our Commitment to General Aviation

We recently designed and produced a small engine stand that addresses the needs of our general aviation industry partners. While the stand itself is a breakthrough in usability for OEMs, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities, FBOs and pilots who service four- to six-cylinder engines, what it represents is something much larger — our ability to deliver innovative products to an industry that is often overlooked by manufacturers of engine stands and containers.
Small aircraft engine maintenance and repair shops play an integral role in preserving air safety. Yet too often, engine stand manufacturers focus solely on the big players in aviation, such as large turbofan engines used in commercial airlines. As a result, many of these shops have antiquated engine stands that don’t facilitate safe or efficient maintenance procedures of engines that can weigh up to 600 pounds. At Champion GSE, we’re able to leverage our in-house engineering capabilities and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities to address the maintenance requirements of smaller aircraft while staying within general aviation budgets.
Our new small engine stand sets the standard in safety and efficiency. Our engineering team designed it with modern features that address the specific needs of small aircraft engine repair technicians, including:

  • Rotatable engine — a durable gearbox allows technicians to easily rotate the engine 180 degrees for improved access.
  • Heavy-duty wheels — hard-resin wheels and large, locking casters allow the engine to be transported to multiple service bays in the shop.
  • Spare parts tray — keeps necessary parts and tools at hand.
  • Multiple engine mounting adapters — an array of engine adapters facilitates mounting of multiple small engines.
  • Drip pan — designed with raised sides and plastic rim to keep absorbent pads in place and oil from spilling over.

This new stand is ideal for overhauling life-limited, four- to six-cylinder engines and maintaining compliance with FAA standards. It’s further evidence of our ability to support our general aviation partners with small-run, custom engine stands and containers.