Protection Delivered Anywhere in the World

We create equipment that protects our customers’ products from the moment they leave the manufacturing facility. The first thing we want to do is get that product to its destination safely; the last thing we want to do is be the reason their product is delayed or damaged. So when a customer came to us with a power generation engine that needed to reach some of the most remote locations on the globe, we knew we needed to provide a solution that wouldn’t leave their engines stranded halfway to their destinations.

With the traditional add-on hardware used to provide air-ride capability on trucks, such as air hoses and additional tools, you run the risk of delaying future shipments and losing millions of dollars in revenue if that equipment is lost as it is shipped back to the origination point. We needed to design a container that eliminated the worry associated with the shipping process and protected our customer’s critical equipment, regardless of its destination.

To meet this need, we designed the Air-Ride container, which doesn’t require any add-on equipment. Instead, it has a self-sustaining, internal shock-resistant system that doesn’t affect its size or weight. The air-ride suspension is built into the container itself, including an on-board compressor to pump up the air bags prior to shipping, greatly reducing the complexity of logistics, the chances for damage to the engine or the need for teardowns to replace bearings due to brinelling. And, as with all our containers, the Air-Ride is hermetically sealed and corrosion resistant for superior support and protection.

Because when our customer expects their engine to be delivered on time and easily installed in some of the most remote locations on earth, we deliver a container that meets those demands.