Raising the Bar in Engine Stand Utility and Beyond

Technological Innovations Are Not Limited to Engine Platform or Industry

Our recent product launch of the GEnx 1B-2B dual-purpose rollover engine stand was a watershed moment for Champion GSE and a true breakthrough in safety and ease of use for the commercial aviation industry. While the months leading up to the launch were busy with production benchmarks, customer validation and exhaustive testing, when it was over, we finally had a chance to reflect on what we had accomplished.

Our engineering team’s driving motivation throughout the project was a desire to innovate — to develop a product that is safer, easier to use, and raises the bar in engine stand utility. Although the creation of the GEnx 1B-2B was the end result, this same approach applies to all products we could produce, in any of our customers’ industries. Here are just a few of the technological innovations that could potentially apply to your products.

  • Multi-platform functionality — Our commercial aviation customers are not the only engine stand end users who would welcome the opportunity to reduce the amount of equipment they need to do their jobs. End users in multiple industries will be transitioning to a more universal approach to engine stands that consolidate engine platforms into a single stand. We’re at the forefront of this movement and look forward to offering this technology to our broader customer base.
  • Hydraulically automated deployment — To minimize manual tasks, simplify field operations and increase crew safety, the dual-purpose engine stand utilizes hydraulic automation to deploy caster arms and the unit’s shock isolation mount. These are features that we are already integrating into engine stands and containers for other customers as well.
  • On-board stowage — The GEnx 1B-2B was engineered as a self-contained unit with every component stored on-board the engine stand, including caster arms, the shock isolation mount and all other supporting parts. In doing so, we’re eliminating the need for separate containers.

Although these innovative features were introduced with the launch of our newest engine stand, it’s important to remember that this technology is available in our products moving forward. But, we’re not stopping there. We will continue to engineer new features into our products that raise the bar in safety, ease of use and utility.