Why Vertical Integration Is Important to Our Customers

In the markets we serve, our customers have a very similar set of expectations for their product providers. Whether it’s for our partners in the commercial aviation, military, oil and gas or aerospace industries, Champion GSE’s engine stands and containers must meet the highest standards of quality to ensure safe and reliable performance in the world’s most challenging field conditions.

Many customers require products to be custom-built to their unique specifications, so adherence to their precise design parameters is very important. And, staying within tight budgetary constraints and adherence to strict delivery schedules are also critical attributes that our customers expect. For these reasons and more, Champion GSE has aligned its design, manufacturing and testing facilities to offer our customers the advantages of vertical integration.

Our vertically integrated capabilities allow us to maintain the highest degrees of production, testing and quality control throughout the manufacturing process for engine stands, containers and affiliated ground support equipment. Because we manage every aspect of production in-house, our customers are able to partner with Champion GSE through the development process, including:

  • Concept consultations
  • Design and drawing interpretations
  • FEA in-house
  • In-house validation testing

Our commitment to vertical integration is demonstrated by the state-of-the-art machining equipment used in our manufacturing environment. And, we continue to upgrade and invest in advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machines to improve build times, enable CAD/CAM integration, and ensure maximum quality to support our customer requirements. In addition, all welding is done in-house and checked by our certified weld inspector.

From engineering, design and advanced machining to paint and product testing, Champion’s ISO-9001: 2008 certified facilities are equipped to manage every aspect of the manufacturing process. It’s how we’re able to achieve the industry’s shortest lead times and even provide small-run productions of custom containers, engine stands and affiliated ground support equipment (such as tow bars, battery carts and baggage carts).