GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Container Selection Guide

Champion GSE containers designed to support GE aeroderivative gas turbines LM2500, LM6000-PF/PF+, and LMS100-PA+/PB are available in a wide range of options. Champion GSE model numbers can be found in the table below:

GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Models LM2500
LM2500, LM2500 DLE, LM 2500+, LM2500+ DLE, LM2500+G4, LM2500+G4 DLE GE
LM6000-PF, LM6000-PF SPRINT, LM6000-PF+, LM6000-PF+ SPRINT GE
LMS100-PA+, LMS100-PB+
Universal Container Options    
   Standard 00175900300 00170650300 001968000000
   Integrated Air Ride 00212250000 * *
   Standard With Air Ride Kit Adapter 00175900400 00170650600 00196800100
   Nitrogen Purge 00175900500 * *
Dedicated Containers    
   Gas Generator Only 00143400300    
   PT Vertical 00152300300    
   Low-Pressure Turbine Only 00177200000 00177900400  

* Available upon request


Universal Containers
Offered in a variety of options, Champion GSE universal containers are designed and engineered to safely transport and store GE aeroderivative gas turbine engines and subsystems.

Standard Container

The standard container includes:

  • GE certification/approval
  • Hermetically sealed (air-tight/controlled breathing) and water-tight
  • Humidity indicators and desiccant bags
  • Anti-shock, anti-vibration technologies designed for trailers with air ride-equipped technology

Integrated Air Ride Container
Each Champion GSE integrated air ride container comes with all the components of the standard container, and also features a completely self-sustaining, internal shock-resistant system in one compact box that eliminates the need for an air ride kit on the transport trailer and reduces teardowns for bearing replacement (brinelling). Includes internal air compressor to inflate air bags.

Standard Container With Air Ride Kit Adapters
This four-box container system includes all the features of the standard container and also eliminates the need for an air ride kit on the transport trailer. Container can be separated from air ride kit. Air ride kit (Model Number 00213410000) purchased separately.

Nitrogen Purge Container
The nitrogen purge container creates inert atmosphere, which reduces moisture inside the container.

Dedicated Subsystem Containers
Dedicated containers are designed to safely transport and store a GE aeroderivative gas turbine subsystem.

Container for GE gas turbine LM2500

Universal and dedicated container specifications are available upon request.

Champion GSE Accessories
Air-ride kits are available to convert standard containers in the field to air ride containers. Contact Champion GSE to learn more.

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