Champion GSE Debuts Breakthrough Dual-purpose Engine Stand

New stand for GEnx-1B and -2B engine platforms will increase usability and personnel safety

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, April 9, 2014 — Champion GSE, a full-service producer of engine stands and containers, has announced a breakthrough in engine stand design. The industry’s first-ever, dual-purpose stand may be used for both the -1B and -2B GEnx engine platforms.

Features of the new Stronghold dual-purpose stand were designed to increase personnel safety, usability and function. These features include hydraulic, automated casters and shock isolation mount; on-board storage for all tools and parts; industrial “non-slip” material coating to replace no-skid strips; and improved rigidity.

“We have been engineering and manufacturing containers and stands for GE engines that meet their specific and rigorous requirements for more than 20 years,” said Vice President and General Manager Todd DeVore. “Thanks to our licensure agreement we announced earlier this year, we have been able to design, engineer and manufacture innovative products that are easier and safer to use, all while simplifying asset management.”

Champion GSE also brought new machining capabilities in-house to manufacture affiliated ground support equipment products, while still meeting demanding lead times and stringent customer qualifications. Champion’s proprietary research revealed a customer demand for suppliers to offer a wider range of products for a simplified “one-stop shopping” experience. “By focusing on our company’s vertical integration, we’re able to deliver rapid turnaround time,” DeVore said. “We’ll have better quality control, and our goal is to reduce our lead time to just 12 weeks. That’s unheard of in our industry.” 

Champion GSE, which has recently undergone a re-branding effort for its line of Stronghold ground support equipment products, began designing engine stands and specialty containers more than 60 years ago.

Champion GSE, an independent, privately owned company headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, is a global leader in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of Stronghold brand shipping and storage containers, and ground support equipment for aviation, military, power generation and space programs. A major supplier for military and commercial fabrication applications, Champion’s manufacturing capability and experience covers all metal working requirements for steel, aluminum, stainless and other materials. Learn more at

Contact: Val Beerbower

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