Since 1954, Champion GSE has been engineering durable containers with innovative service and usability features. Champion engine containers, ammunition containers, missile containers and the like are custom built to any specification requirement and engineered to provide maximum protection, even in the most difficult and extreme environments.

  • Airtight or controlled breathing, watertight, hermetically sealed
  • Corrosion-resistant paint with chemical agent-resistant coating (CARC)
  • Anti-shock, anti-vibration technologies
  • Nitrogen purge capable or with integrated nitrogen purge system
  • Air-ride kits — attachment units that allow for the safe transportation on non-air ride equipped tractor trailers

Our innovative Air-Ride container features a completely self-sustaining, internal shock-resistant system that eliminates the need for an “air-ride” kit on the transport trailer while reducing teardowns for bearing replacement (brinelling).

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