Engine Stands

Champion GSE’s Stronghold turbofan engine stands are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. We produce items made under license from GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, USA, and all other stands are built in accordance with our customers’ specification requirements. We’re intensely focused on safety features and performance enhancements that make our engine stands the most reliable and easy to use in the service, transport and maintenance of turbofan and aero-derivative engines, small aircraft engines and other critical ground support equipment.  

  • Rollover stands — rotates (rolls) the stand in place to achieve minimum height/width profile for loading through transport cargo doors.

  • GEnx-1B -2B dual purpose stand — offers improved safety and usability through hydraulically activated components, including: caster deployment, engine rotation and lifting systems. Supports two of the OEM’s most common turbofan engine platforms; all components and parts are stored on-board.

  • Small aircraft engine stand — designed for the general aviation industry to improve the maintenance and repair of four- to six-cylinder engines that weigh up to 600 pounds. Features 180-degree rotation, heavy-duty lockable wheels, spare parts tray, multiple engine mounting adapters and an expanded drip pan.

  • Split stands — allows for transportation of turbine engines in split configuration; enables engines to be stowed in cargo hold.

  • Fan stands — allows for the transportation of the GEnx-1B and -2B fan modules.

  • LM2500 shipping skid and LM2500 test dolly — designed for safe shipping and transport of the LM2500 engine.

  • Miscellaneous stands — shop dollies; fan stands; test stands.

Engine Platform               Container Description       OEM Part Number
Genx1B GEnx 1B Split stand 11C4576P04
GEnx2B GEnx 2b Split stand 11C4577P01
Genx1B GEnx1B Rollover 11C4568P02
GEnx2B GEnx2B Rollover 11C4569P04
GEnx1B/2B GEnx 1B/2B Rollover Stand 11C4695P01
Genx1B GEnx 1B Loose Parts Container 11C4510P03
GEnx2B GEnx 2b/1B Fan Stand 11C4588P01
GEnx1B/2B GEnx 1B/2B Jacking leg kit 11C4588P01
GEnx1B/2B GEnx LPT Module 11C4675G01
GEnx1B/2B GEnx Compressor Module 11C4667G01

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