GEnx-1B and GEnx-2B Engine Stand — Dual-Purpose Functionality

The Stronghold GEnx-1B and GEnx-2B engine stand is the commercial aerospace industry’s first dual-purpose rollover stand designed to service both engines. Combining engine requirements into a single stand, the innovative GEnx-1B and GEnx-2B stand delivers significant improvements in safety and ease of use, allowing crews to switch between platforms with only a few simple modifications.

  • Field changeable — inventive stand design incorporates common attributes of both engines to enable quick changeovers
  • Hydraulic automation — traditionally manual tasks have been automated to simplify operation and improve safety, including caster and shock isolation mount deployment
  • Self-contained operation — all parts and components stored on-board (no separate containers needed)
  • Increased durability — achieves 15% improved cradle rigidity while offering a smaller, lighter aluminum reservoir and 35% lighter caster arms

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